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June 05, 2009 - 06:02 PM
Thomas Carr

Regarding "Liverpool-Norwich" MR March '09 by Stephen Abbott the overcrowding would be reduced if the service was speeded up with perhaps every second train not calling at Widnes, Manchester Oxford Road, Stockport, Sheffield,Alfreton and Ely. Leaving out the doubling back at Ely and Sheffield could save 30 minutes.
The strong flow of students is a mixed blessing. Their boisterous amiability is fine if you/they have only 30 mins. on the train between Nottingham and Sheffield but the school 'bus atmosphere on a long distance train is tedious for the long distance traveller and the refreshment dross unwelcome companions for the rest of the trip.
It's time that the franchise terms were changed and a long distance route provided long distance comfort and service.
May be local transport authorities' revenue support is calling the tune in Cheshire, Derbyshire and S.Yorks. The result is one service trying to meet 2 markets and achieving both local congestion and extended journey tim...

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