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May 06, 2009 - 01:20 PM
John Knighton

The Tories say they will scrap the Tram extension if elected in Beeston. Among other things they say it is not cost effective.

Well I suppose we could continue to build more roads (some are justified) but do they think that roads are free? Do the sums. The proposed fourth River Trent crossing (supported by Tories) could cost as much as the Tram extension. Furthermore, such a road crossing would be entirely funded out of taxation, whilst a considerable part of the Tram extension would be privately funded. (Oh didnít The Tories mention that). The Tram will benefit more people than a fourth Trent crossing. Where does the extra traffic generated by the new bridge go? I guess the Taxpayer will just have to fund yet more roads to cope.

Those reading this will think that I am anti-car. No, but the current system is not working, journey times are getting longer, busses are held up in traffic making them unattractive. Öand so on. Time to be a bit cleverer and think outside the box.

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